Leden 2018

2017 Kodokan Summer Course I – “Kata, Lecture and Others”

15. ledna 2018 v 9:20 | júdanša
V čísle 31 Kano Society Bulletin vyšel moc pěkný článek o kurzu kata v Kódókanu.
Velmi stručně je tam uvedeny body z výuky k jednotlivým kata, která zaujaly autora Martina Savage z Británie.

Osobně mě zaujalo několik poznámek v textu mimo bodů ke Nagenokata a Gošindžucu:
K Nagenokata
"The importance of tsurite [collar hand] was emphasised, and how it was more important than hikite [sleeve hand] by showing that with certain throws it was possible to throw with tsurite alone but not with just hikite."

K Katamenokata
"Specifically, the IJF want to prescribe and standardise Tori's responses to Uke's escape attempts (to make judging organised kata competitions easier), whereas the Kodokan are content with any response that is logical and in accordance with the principles of judo (so that it is more useful in everyday training)."

Obsah přednášky "Let's Improve Judo More"
• The concept of Shu-Ha-Ri [Protect-Break-Separate] as the stages of learning to mastery.
Education as being the essence of judo.
• How the purpose of judo is the formation of human character.

A názor pana učitele Samešima k pravidlům soutěží:
Significant time was also spent discussing shiai [contest] rules - including an explanation of some of the ways in which Kodokan rules differ from the IJF's. Sameshima sensei also made a particularly insightful point, which would resonate with most traditionally orientated judoka [judo practitioners] - "Kodokan rules are designed for the competitors, IJF rules are designed for the audience".

Celý text je k přečtení zde:
2017 Kodokan Summer Course I - "Kata, Lecture and Others" Martin Savage (author) & Llŷ r Jones (editor)